What Have I Done?

My newsletter was on its way through cyberspace (click here for the most recent issue of CalmUp® Wellspring Guideposts). Why was I feeling so uncomfortable? I felt pleased about the article and was mentally reviewing what I sent out when, “Oh my gosh, what have I done?”

It hit me that I’d said something that just wasn’t true. Had I been unconscious when I wrote it? Well, yes. Although I feel uncomfortable making a public confession, I realize that doing so is the right action to take regardless of the repercussions.

Here’s my faux pas: under the Quips & Queries section, I thanked those people who responded to my request to submit any photos they’d like to see included in the newsletter. The truth is, nobody responded, and there I was thanking people as if they had shared their material.

I became aware of my behavior and owned the fact that I created a false impression to avoid my feelings of disappointment. By being authentic, the earlier feeling of discomfort began to fade. Although it is painful to look at our darkness, it’s the surest way to get through to the other side.


  1. Pay attention when something seems to be gnawing at you. What do you need to take a look at in your own life?
  2. When do you catch yourself trying to impress others?
  3. What parts of your life require more effort for you to be authentic?