Too Late

CalmUp® presents Lionel FisherI recently heard from a member of our CalmUp® community, Lionel Fisher. He shared about his health condition and not having much time left to live. Similar to the genuine conversations shared during his March and April 2013 interviews (Click here for Noteworthy Stories), this conversation was very real.

Lionel remarked that being near death made him realize what a “self-absorbed asshole” he had been and how he lost friends over the most stupid reasons. Needless to say, he doesn’t have the corner on stupid behavior.

“Lionel,” I said, “We’re all self-absorbed assholes. We’ve all done what you’re describing.”

While currently on hospice, Lionel is having important conversations. He discovered that the two most important words are too late. For instance, we say or do hurtful things and then it becomes

  • Too late to make amends
  • Too late to enjoy one another’s company
  • Too late to speak from the heart

I feel thankful that my dad introduced me to Lionel. Along with his genuineness, another trait I admire about Lionel is his ability to be keenly insightful. At 82-years-old, his wisdom transcends protocol, trends, and social mores.

Too late? I’m not about to challenge Lionel’s belief. In fact, I might think the same way if I were in his shoes. Unless you’re on hospice, it is not too late for any of us.

  • Thank you, Lionel, for sharing the gift of yourself.
  • Thank you for honoring me with your time and wisdom.
  • Thank you for allowing me to share your wisdom with the CalmUp® community.



  1.  In what ways have you been a self-absorbed asshole?
  2. Who can you contact in the next hour to express your love and gratitude?
  3. If you feel so inclined, I invite you to send a prayer to Lionel for a peaceful passing. You can read his biography and blogs and find his books at If you’d like to communicate with him, I’ll forward your comments.