Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

“The CalmUp® Journey is a simple, relaxing, private way to gain clarity.”

—Merri Mullennix
artist and teacher




“Dr. Lorie Gose has created a must-have tool for people interested in making positive changes in their daily life. The CalmUp® approach will definitely help users understand their own feelings, needs, and responses—and, even more important, their power to change negative thoughts and beliefs into peace and positive action.”

—Alison J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

“I did purchase a copy of Lorie’s CalmUp® Journey. Classy cover! Liked the good quality, glossy paper.  And that logo is something else!!! So much more significance to it than one perceives at first glance. I can imagine the circle standing for the infinity of the life force—eternal, without beginning or end; the lavender, a color of very high, spiritual vibration indicative of a life beyond this dense plane;  the white, bringing to mind the Shekinah glory that is the Divine Presence; the blue is speaking ‘in my house are many dimensions.’ And those graceful discs of the ladder of seven steps are sacred centers taking one on the ascension toward the ultimate, full blossoming. As for the sinuous, beautifully striated form, what more can it be than the soul—firmly grounded in its earthly vehicle through which it travels—reaching, reaching, pointing upward as it spirals toward the ‘goal of its high calling.'”

—Mildred Gomes
February 16, 2012

I really think you’re doing a valuable, worthwhile thing for your readers–not necessarily trying to enlighten all of mankind but perhaps making a morning or afternoon in the real-life world of a few of the unwashed, clueless masses just a little bit better with some wise, practical advice.

Lionel Fisher
March 7, 2013

Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

My experience was first of all “calming” from where I started at a “3” being frustrated and irritated emotionally and mentally. I would say after personal evaluation of my emotional and mental thought process that my thinking became clear through the 7 levels of the CalmUp® Journey. The result was a serene emotional and mental state—a “10”! Through my daily CalmUp® Journeys, I’m more peaceful and joyful. I would highly recommend the CalmUp® Journey teaching.

—Dena M.
June 25, 2015