Trust Yourself

One of my CalmUp® customers shared with me that she has no problem working through the left “dark” side of the CalmUp® Journey. However, she often gets stuck on the right “light” side. It’s easy for her to list her dark, negative patterns of thoughts, feelings, and images. Exploring more useful, alternative ways of thinking, feeling, and seeing the world becomes more of a challenge.

I know that my customer speaks for the majority of us, so let’s explore some ways to move from stuck to adaptable:

A.    First, consider how you’d prefer to be. What’s your ideal self? How do you imagine expressing your essential self? Write these ideas down as you complete your CalmUp® Journey. Have trust that how you prefer to be someday is acceptable for today.

B.    A second way to explore the light side of the CalmUp® Journey is to close your eyes and be still. If you remain stuck on a particular level, just move on to another level and come back to that section later. Have trust that there is a solution for every problem, including yours.