Mission Impossible

I was sitting up in bed, snuggled warm with pen in hand. In the midst of starting my CalmUp® Journey, the phone rang. My son was halfway to school in 18-degree weather, and his fully charged scooter motor gave out. With eight minutes before the early bell, Mom went to the rescue.

Back in bed and warmed by the fireplace, I picked up my pen and reconsidered the first question of Level I: “How can I…?”

  • How can I move with grace and ease today?
  • How can I best support my loved ones?
  • How can I honor my priorities?

The rest of that question didn’t matter, because I felt like I’d already accomplished it.


  1. What’s stopping you from coming up with your own daily “How can I…” question? For inspiration, you can see mine on Twitter.
  2. Imagine yourself warm under the covers just opening your eyes after a good night’s sleep. How can you rethink the way you’ve been starting your days?
  3. What’s your “How can I…” question for today?