I’m No Buddha!

CalmUp® photo I of path in India

What do the Buddha and I have in common?

Not much. Sometimes I yell and lose my cool. Don’t you? Somehow I just don’t picture the Buddha behaving like that. I also get frustrated when things don’t go the way I expect. I’m told, “That’s life,” as if that’s going to make the feeling go away.

So how the heck can I tout Peacebuilding?

Well, I’ve got something that the Buddha doesn’t have—the CalmUp® Journey! With the CalmUp® Journey, I can go from freak-out to peace-out in about twenty minutes. What do you do when you lose your composure? How long does it take you to return to equanimity?

Why turn to a daily resource if making a fool of oneself seldom happens?

That’s like asking, “Why bother flossing if dental problems seldom occur?” One reason I recommend turning to a daily resource is for prevention. Similar to a daily habit of dental hygiene to prevent gum disease, by turning to the CalmUp® Journey, you’ll have an asset at your fingertips to help prevent peace-of-mind-decay.

But what if I’m not seeking perfection?