Why Bother?

The tagline sits enthusiastically below the CalmUp® Journey logo:


What’s the point? Why bother to take a CalmUp® Journey? Let’s face it, setting aside 15 to 20 minutes of time per day takes effort.

My personal reason for taking daily CalmUp® Journeys is because I know that there’s no way I can help anyone else have a better day if I’m not elevating myself first.

When I asked my friend, Mary, “Why bother?” I became silent and was respectful of her response, “Because there’s an innate desire to be close to God.”

In my own experience, when I’m in a good mood (a rating of “9” on the CalmUp® Journey scale of peace and joy), I do feel a connection with Spirit—and when I’m in a bad mood (a rating of “3”), I’m definitely not present to oneness. Of course, feeling a connection with Spirit is not dependent on a high rating.

The CalmUp® Journey, however, isn’t about good moods vs. bad moods. One’s rating of peace and joy isn’t even a crucial component. The point is to continue to use the life map, going up and down. That’s living—a journey worth making.