Can You Top This?

I’m not sure how our rival cook off began. Well, yes I remember the look on his face…

I made this delectable spanakopita served with gyros meat and a Greek salad. The filo dough was working out splendidly, so I baked my scrumptious chocolate chip baklava for dessert.

When our friend took his first bite, he looked up at me with a wimpering sound. The look on his face was memorable—that was the moment. “Now,” he exclaimed, “I’ll have to bake my grandmother’s pie. Would you prefer chocolate cream or banana coconut?”


I recount this story, because it is symbolic of the CalmUp® intention of sharing:

Understanding spirituality as sharing, as serving others, allows for commonality not only across religions, but also across cultures, nations, neighborhoods, families, and individuals.

Lucky me, I didn’t have to choose. In an ultimate gesture of sharing, our friend ended up baking both pies. The chocolate cream was to die for, and the banana coconut was memorable.

When we share from the heart, energy is set in motion.

He made Beef Wellington for dinner!

He made Beef Wellington for dinner!


  1. Where could honoring this commonality take you today?