Spring is Here: Renew Recharge Reclaim

This is the photo for the CalmUp® blog April 17, 2013 titled "Spring is Here: Renew Recharge Reclaim"

Spring in Colorado means snow. Renew?

In some States, there has been some perilous flooding. Recharge?

Around the globe, there’s considerable warfare. Reclaim?

Have you ever considered commanding nature or limiting international hostility? Such wishful thinking may leave you feeling ineffective.

Rather than trying to control what’s outside of you, why not build your personal power? Taking a CalmUp® Journey is one path (and a simple one at that!) to assist in monitoring your beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and choices. As you may already know, every CalmUp® Journey begins with a “How can I…” question.

Below are the current sample “How can I…?” questions on the Your Sample Questions page of the www.DrLorieGose.com website. The questions are classified under eight life categories.


  • How can I be aware of when I’m controlling others?
  • How can I improve my confidence?


  • How can I keep my marriage strong while I go through this difficult part of my life?
  • How can I honor this person in this moment?


  • How can I facilitate family communication so that everyone’s voice is heard?

Daily Life Experiences

  • How can I remain calm and connected today?





As you can see, some of the categories don’t have sample questions yet. Sharing your own “How can I…?” question could help others come up with good questions for themselves.

CalmUp® photo of birds in nest 2


  1. This season, what “How can I…?” questions would you ask in order to renew, recharge, and reclaim yourself?
  2. To solidify your intention, how about submitting one question on the website?
  3. Once you write down your question either publicly or personally, notice what changes begin to occur in your life.