Overcoming Obstacles



  • Do you want to follow your heart’s desire with confidence and courage?

  • Are you ready to stop avoiding what you know you need to do?

  • Would you like to navigate the physical and emotional issues messing with your life?


What is Overcoming Obstacles™ all about?

Begin using the CalmUp® Journey right away without the need for pen, paper, or note-taking. Overcoming Obstacles™ is an informal training with Dr. Lorie Gose to take a CalmUp® Journey. This is not psychotherapy or coaching. Instead, Dr. Lorie will guide you through a simple tool that she developed as an adjunct to daily living.

What’s a CalmUp® Journey?

The CalmUp® Journey is a simple resource designed to help people overcome their inhibiting beliefs and self-concepts.

Click here to learn more about the CalmUp® Journey.

Who can attend?

The CalmUp® vision is to promote inner peace and self-fulfillment so that you can have more energy, live a genuine life, and spread all that joy to those around you. Adults who identify with this vision are encouraged to join us.

What’s the charge?

The fee is either $225.00 as an individual or $75.00 per person when you arrange a minimum of 3 people in attendance for one 90-minute CalmUp® journey.

What will be covered during the training?

  • I’ll guide you through the complete seven-level life map to generate abundance, a better love life, or whatever objectives you set for yourself.

  • Begin to access your inner guidance, explore what’s personally meaningful, and deepen your capacity for clarity, wisdom, joy, peace, bliss, and wholeness.

  • Start living at the height of your power today.

  • Practice making choices for your day with full awareness instead of engaging in self-destructive (non-peaceful) behaviors.

  • You’ll walk away with a new outlook and a new meaning.

Why Overcoming Obstacles?

The name Overcoming Obstacles is founded on the premise that the path to peace begins with looking at ourselves. We may wish for world peace, yet we can’t expect personal peace of mind, let alone harmony in the workplace or in our households, until we learn to overcome our own obstacles. The difference between the Overcoming Obstacles™ training and my other Removing Roadblocks™ training is that the Overcoming Obstacles™ training is informal without pen or paper. We’ll just be talking. The training can even be outdoors.

Let’s journey together!

Contact me here with the subject “Register for Overcoming Obstacles” and provide your top 3 preferred appointment times. I’ll email you a reply with a short sign-up form. You’re also welcome to leave a voicemail at 303-500-2340.