About Lorie Gose

my photoDr. Lorie Gose has over 20 years of experience working as a clinical psychologist. She studied health psychology at the University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School and later received her doctorate degree from the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Her expertise has been helping adults explore new ways of experiencing life situations and rise above symptoms of depression and anxiety.

For eight years, she served as the Chief Psychologist at a medical research clinic. For five years, she co-developed and ran a counseling department and mind-body center at a world-renowned medical facility. Since 2008, Dr. Gose has enjoyed working with rehabilitation and long-term care patients in skilled nursing facilities. She has also worked in private practice with a unique philosophy to provide the highest-quality treatment for the shortest duration in order to promote a fast recovery, prevent dependence on the provider, and utilize creative coping skills.

By Successfully integrating her knowledge of health psychology with the daily challenges, environmental stressors, and spiritual angst that her patients brought to their sessions, Dr. Gose created a daily resource by streamlining her teachings into a worksheet called the CalmUp® Journey. Lorie loves teaching people how to take a CalmUp® Journey and create amazing days.  

During CalmUp®  workshops and other related services, Dr. Gose is not engaging in a therapeutic relationship, nor is she providing psychotherapy. Dr. Gose is offering the teaching of a tool as an adjunct to daily living. Her commitment to what she terms “other-help,” as opposed to self-help, is exemplified in her books, workshops, and speaking engagements. Lorie gratefully acknowledges the support and lessons received from her family, friends, teachers, mentors, patients, and students. Her primary support system includes her husband of twenty-nine years and their teenage son.