Empowerment Speaker

[Lorie’s message] empowers us to transcend the limitations of conventional self-help methods, moving us from mere personal empowerment to transcendence and transformation.
—Rabbi Jamie Arnold

  • What does it take to find your authentic self?
  • How can you operate at your height of power daily?
  • Are there any limits to the quality of your day?

These are some of the questions that will be answered when you attend a workshop, seminar, or event with Dr. Lorie Gose.

Lorie doesn’t teach a magical formula for happiness. Rather, you’ll realize this paradox: becoming empowered involves empowering others. You’ll learn about how growth and self-fulfillment depend on honest self-reflection.

During her speaking engagements, Lorie covers these topics: conscious choice, change, health, transformation of fear and worry, the impact of our choices on others, creativity, healing, peace, wholeness, integrity, spirit, service, and bliss.

Lorie discourages black-and-white thinking: her message doesn’t echo New Age positive thinking or its cautions about being stuck in negativity. Instead, you will open to infinite possibilities and recognize the necessity for the whole.

Here’s what attendees had to say about Dr. Lorie Gose’s empowerment speaking engagements:

  • “Very enlightening about ways I perceive things and how much control I feel I need.”
  • “Helped me focus on one aspect at a time and work toward understanding, confronting, and accepting what is.”
  • “It helped me reexamine my reactions to a personal issue, break it into components based on the model, and deal with those components analytically and methodically.”
  • “I liked your energy, honesty, and courage!”
  • “No discomfort about speaking up—this was a warm and positive experience.”
  • “Very open, clear, concise and left enough room to individualize.”
  • “It brought consciousness to sections of my brain and to my thought patterns in a natural ‘flow’ way that provides for greater clarity, and with that, relaxation.”
  • “Provides a model and a process for thinking through troublesome issues.”