Life as a Psychologist: 50 Things I Learned During Age 50

A year ago, I wrote a blog called “Life as a Psychologist: On Turning 50.” I’m continuing the theme with a list of 50 things I’ve learned over the past year. These items are in no particular order and are considered a work in progress!

  1. Less makeup, more breakfast.CalmUp® photo of Lorie in red coat
  2. Even when people stop following you, tweet anyway.
  3. Make love, not war.
  4. Be present for my son after school.
  5. Keep the day job (for the time being).
  6. Do what I love, and let go of the outcome.
  7. Follow your heart, even when it seems impossible.
  8. Make time to call, text, and email the people I love.
  9. Think before I speak. (Yes, it took until age 50 to start to get this).
  10. Don’t let fear keep me from following my passion. (This is similar to #6).
  11. Speak my truth and stay genuine. People relate to being real.
  12. Connect with my own spirituality and breathe mindfully at every opportunity.
  13. Even though I don’t like to market myself, I can market what I believe in.
  14. If I don’t have something meaningful to post on Facebook, I won’t post anything at all.
  15. Poetry is perfectly acceptable blog content.
  16. Remember to make self-care a priority.
  17. Know my priorities, values, and commitments and live by them.
  18. Nurture my relationships. A business friend is no less important than a non-business friend.
  19. Keep my desk clean.
  20. Laundry can wait; buy more underwear.
  21. Create flexible guidelines for time to exercise, to get ready in the morning, to walk the dogs, etc. (Guidelines are adaptable, so I don’t get mad at myself when I haven’t exercised, showered, or walked the dogs).
  22. Create concrete boundaries for high priority undertakings (I now set a bedtime alarm).
  23. Make time for daily play, and create a list of play activities I’d enjoy doing.
  24. When meditation turns into a nap, go with it.
  25. Having family dinnertime is still a wise choice, no matter what time it is.
  26. Stop avoiding working on Quicken and QuickBooks.
  27. Everything in my life is happening in perfect harmony.
  28. Be a good listener—when I’m not working.
  29. Have fun with everything that I do.
  30. Trust that my basic needs are always met.
  31. Be thankful for whatever my day brings.
  32. Find the gift in every interaction. (This is similar to #31).
  33. Clean up after myself (I realize I was supposed to learn this in kindergarten).
  34. Live simply.
  35. Surrender my will, my day, and my plans to thy will.
  36. Life isn’t about how much we accomplish, it’s about how we choose to give.
  37. Drink more water.
  38. Decorate more.
  39. Forgive others and myself.
  40. Instead of having too much on my plate, I now visualize savoring a 7-course meal.
  41. Stop blaming.
  42. Keep Cardio Friday.
  43. Clean up the inbox (desk and email).
  44. Cook and bake more.
  45. Bear in mind that everyone is a divine being—even family.
  46. Continue merrily down the stream.
  47. Allow myself to receive.
  48. Keep the Sabbath. (Of course, when I don’t clean the rest of the week, then cleaning on the Sabbath is fine!)
  49. Get back on the yoga mat.
  50. Tell myself, “Yes, I can do this!”


  1. Create your own list of things you’ve learned recently. If that sounds overwhelming, consider completing the CalmUp® Journey over the next 12 months. Then it’s easy to look back at content from your notes over the year.
  2. What are your favorites from my list? Feel free to leave me a comment.
  3. What items on my list hit you the wrong way? Feel free to leave me a comment.