Just Chillin’: I Took a CalmUp® Journey Today

CalmUp® photo of lake and cat tail

  • How can I move softly during this very long day?
  • How can I regain my energy and return to effortless effort?
  • How can I notice when it starts to feel like effort?




These were a few of my recent personal “How can I…” questions. Have you been feeling exhausted recently? You’re not alone. I hear so many people commenting about how tired they feel.

It’s easy to join the crowd and respond in agreement with some comment like, “Me too, I’ve been going non-stop.” We’ve learned that draining our energy is a precursor to illness. Who wants to go down that road?

I recently shared in the June issue of Wellspring Guideposts that over functioning has been my modus operandi. What I experienced this past week, however, was above the norm! Fortunately, I took a CalmUp® Journey and awoke from the stupor. I quickly shifted directions and let go of a time-consuming project. It felt so good to regain my energy and focus.

We may be inclined to remain stuck in a cycle of over-doing when those around us share the same experience. Therefore, when I catch myself starting to feel the least bit tense, I take a deep breath and say silently, “I’m chillin’!” Just because others around you may be shrillin’, doesn’t mean that you need to ride that wave.


  1. If you’ve found yourself caught in a tidal wave of overwhelm, what “How can I…” question can you ask to get afloat?
  2. Do your “free time” activities drain or lift your energy?
  3. If you’d like to join me in just chillin’, I’d love to hear how this simple shift works out for you.