It’s About Love

Like the country music singer who writes one more drinking song, what’s wrong with one more start-up blog? Don’t kill the messenger… I’m going to give one more analogy of launching a business to having a baby (See blog post 9/3/11 entitled, “Me, Calm?! The Birthing of CalmUp®“). It’s not just about the mother any more.

You know, when a baby is born, it’s no longer about the pregnant princess. Once the baby has arrived, there’s another human being to care for, mouth to feed, body to clothe, person to love. In contrast to having a baby, with a business, the attention must go beyond the product and onto the customer. It’s about you.

I don’t share that in a flippant manner. Like a turtle’s head peaking out of its shell, this insight has been slowly showing itself. I’m thankful to become aware of this element early on in the business. This week, in particular, it seemed important for me to awaken to this understanding in order for me to move forward to launch.

In my work as a psychologist in skilled care facilities, I typically have about one or sometimes two emergencies per year. This week alone, I had three. With each emergency, there was no question that my responsibility was the care of the patient. In a flash, my business launch to-do list waiting for me at home wasn’t so consequential. The patient took precedence.

Normally, I would be overly concerned that the customer is waiting! This week, (and I can hardly believe it), I responded differently… I was surprisingly calm. Am I assimilating what I teach? Am I learning to let go of the outcome? Am I surrendering instead of pushing? (See blog post 11/11/11 entitled, “When to Push, When to Surrender?”) Wait a second; I thought this was about you, the customer.

It is about you. And when I surrender my tension, my anxiety, those thoughts rolling around in my head that drain my energy, then I can love myself better. Then I can do a better job, and who benefits? You. On the back page of the Daily Ascending Tool, we’re reminded to talk to ourselves like a best friend or a lover. And when we talk kindly to ourselves, all that love begins to spread. Now that’s peace on earth.


1. What’s calling your attention today?

2. What do you need to let go of today?

3. If you were to surrender your dark thoughts, what loving thoughts would you substitute?