Is Social Networking a Spiritual Practice?

I found myself on Facebook before falling asleep then on Twitter first thing in the morning, and I was reminded of the CalmUp® vision. How was I doing in terms of inner-peace and having more energy? Was a reshuffling of priorities in order?

In addition to CalmUp®, I began a business venture with my husband. I wondered how I could possibly keep both going. Lately, even before I open my eyes each morning, there are an infinite number of options from which to choose from the life buffet: Do I pray, snuggle, let the dogs out, take a CalmUp® Journey, exercise, shower, go back to sleep, etc.?

Although social networking was never designed to be a spiritual practice, don’t assume that it isn’t. I would argue that connecting with commentary from magnificent spiritual leaders, not to mention breathtaking images and uplifting videos, has the capacity for us to open our hearts and do even more—share. Sharing is the definition used for spirituality in CalmUp®.

As a culture, our plates are overflowing. As an individual, I must live authentically. Although my passion remains the same, I’ve chosen to put CalmUp® on hold. When the time is right, perhaps someday you’ll find another Wellspring Guideposts in your inbox.

CalmUp® photo of creek in snow

  1. How are you transforming into the person you aspire to be in 2014?
  2. What specifically are you sharing today?
  3. May your journey be blessed and may your light shine brightly.