Effortless Effort: The CalmUp® Way

How can I open to effortless effort?

birds in flight

I tweeted my How can I…  question of the day. I first learned about the concept of effortless effort at a meditation retreat during 2007. Now I was ready to integrate this idea like a mantra!

Following my tweet, I Googled effortless effort. I discovered a great article called The Effortless Effort by Maria Rodale on her website, Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. There I learned that the term is Taoist and refers to aligning ourselves with our true nature. To ensure future contact, I ‘liked’ Maria on Facebook.

What a fun world we live in today. We can research a topic one minute and become friends with an author the next. Within moments, I connected with a like-minded individual… all through effortless effort.

With the help of my CalmUp® Journey, I set an intention for my day. Somehow I made it to work 10 minutes early and began writing this blog before starting my day job. Later, I accomplished the goals I set for the day… again, through effortless effort.

Tomorrow morning’s question:

How can I create a habit of effortless effort?


  1. What part(s) of your day would you seek to calm by integrating the notion of effortless effort?
  2. What topic of interest has been brewing for you? Where might some simple research lead you?
  3. Which concepts, similar to effortless effort, could you share with the CalmUp® community?