Dr. Lorie’s Top 10 of 2015

As I think back upon 2015 and look ahead to 2016,

  1. What I am most grateful for:

My health. Working in long-term care and rehabilitation, I see first hand the effects of smoking, drugs, and lack of movement/exercise on the body.

  1. Whom I am most grateful for:

My husband and son. My husband has been putting up with working out of town for 75% of this year. I’m blown away by his sense of responsibility to his family. My son has surprisingly risen to the occasion and taken care of things like cleaning out the gutters, shoveling snow without being asked, etc.

  1. The most fun thing I did:

Going fishing for the first time since I can remember. We caught catfish and cooked them up that evening. (I actually didn’t do any of the food prep).

  1. The celebration to remember:

My dad’s 80th birthday party.

photo for blog Dec 2015

  1. The worst story in the news:

The killings in France.

  1. One thing that I can do next year to help heal the world:

Teach the CalmUp® Journey to a greater number of veterans.

  1. What I will miss next year:

Cooking for my son when he leaves the nest. There’s something very satisfying about cooking for a teenage boy.

  1. I look forward to:

Many celebrations in 2016, especially my son’s graduation from high school, the beginning of a new chapter in his life, and celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

  1. One fear that I need to overcome next year:

Making videos for the website.

10. Three traits I plan to work on next year:

To have unwavering faith.

To be loving in my thoughts and actions.

To be efficient with my time and energy.


  1. How would you complete the above 10 items for yourself? Share something in a comment.
  2. What experiences, thoughts, and emotions came up for you upon reading my responses and/or writing your own?
  3. Name one health-promoting behavior that you’ll engage in consistently in 2016.