Creating Your Own Personal Brass Ring

How in the world did CalmUp® make it an entire year without really having a defined niche? Would you believe that I completed a business plan in June 2011 and never had a well-defined target audience? How am I supposed to help someone if I don’t know whom I’m helping?

Out for coffee with a new friend, I mentioned that I figured out that not having a niche was keeping CalmUp® from moving forward. This amazing woman, Brenda Baumgardner, turned out to be an expert in helping others connect with their passion and purpose. After asking me several questions, she suggested an idea for a niche related to conflict resolution.

Although I had previously explored working with caregivers, veterans, and homeless people, I wasn’t able to find that feeling of enthusiasm that rang true in my heart. After engaging in further research, I am excited to share that CalmUp® has forged its brass ring!

I can now confidently state that the niche for CalmUp® is peacebuilding. Although peacebuilding is traditionally talked about in terms of creating sustainable peace within a nation, the present focus for CalmUp® is creating sustainable inner peace within oneself. Be sure to sign up for our monthly Wellspring Guideposts (on top right corner of home page) to read next month’s issue about how this exciting shift plays out.


  1. What are you passionate about, and how do you share that passion with others?
  2. If you’re currently in the process of determining what’s important to you, what values ring true in your heart?
  3. What brass ring have you been forging in your own heat and fire of living? If you’re comfortable, share with us in a comment.