About You

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Hey there, you made it.

Yeah you, the service member, veteran, or caregiver who is responsible for something bigger than you—while still desiring to accomplish other goals and fulfill personal dreams.

Since you’re here, my hunch is we’re a lot alike.

You’re determined to find a way to make changes that would be advantageous for yourself and consequently for the people you love.

This may be a bit forward.

Your preference is not to be sooo busy. As occupied as you are, you’d be open to learning a daily 20-minute action step if doing so would mean regularly and significantly improving the quality of your day.

Let’s talk.

The reason you do all of the things that you do is to spend quality time with the people you love.

Yes, the big why. Oh, forgive me. That was my why. What’s yours?

You include generosity and gratitude as important values in your life.

You have no idea what you’re in for.

You’re doing your best to take care of yourself before you take care of others.

You see, what you think is crucial.

You’re all about keeping and creating more energy.

If you agree more than you disagree with the above statements, then we definitely need to talk. If you wish you could agree more with the above statements, you’re not alone.

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Our Purpose:


How We Help:

The way that we help is by teaching the CalmUp® Journey, a one-page self-guided Daily Ascending Tool. This self-examination worksheet is for men and women. Use this daily personal “road map” to decide how you want to be-think-feel, ascending beyond your inhibiting beliefs and self-concepts. The CalmUp® Journey has been scientifically tested, and we have significant evidence that there is positive change of mood from before completing the tool to after completing the tool.

What Specific Struggles Do We Help With?

  • Improve the quality of your relationships, your work situation, your general health.

  • Explore a new idea you’ve had brewing.

  • Change the way you sometimes act.

  • Make conscious choices about your day.

  • Design a different kind of day—clear the decks and create a new path.

  • Navigate the physical and emotional issues messing with your life.

  • Learn to work independently on your “stuff.”

  • Resolve what drains your energy from day to day.

  • Become a more loving human.

  • Shift your negative thought patterns that bring on those dark moods.

  • Turn your worries into creative action.

  • Stop avoiding what you know you need to do.

  • Generate more peace and joy.

  • Follow your heart’s desire with confidence and courage.

  • Upgrade one or more areas of your otherwise pretty cool life.

  • Share a daily life tool with someone you love.

  • Have a significantly better day, every day.

When Would Help Arrive?

Imagine being able to address any or all of the above actions ideally on your own—or with suggestions if needed—by completing a simple self-examination worksheet. Start today by getting a free book or CalmUp® Journey worksheet when you sign up for our Removing Roadblocks™ Program.

Or you can order book I and book II now.

You’re also welcome to contact me to set up a free personal 25-minute initial conversation to speak with me directly.

Where Does This Teaching Take Place?

You can begin your training in the comfort of your own home, room, or hospital bed. Even though Dr. Gose is a clinical psychologist, during CalmUp®workshops and other related services, she is not engaging in a psychotherapeutic relationship, nor is she providing psychotherapy. Dr. Lorie is offering the teaching of a tool as an adjunct to daily living. The CalmUp® Journey is not meant to replace professional mental health or medical treatment.

Lorie’s Story:

I was broke and my navy blue Datsun B210 was stolen on a snow-filled day just outside of our apartment in the Ravenswood area of Chicago. I was attending graduate school and decided to interview for a paid position at the Great Lakes Naval Base. I was thrilled to be hired at the Recruit Training Command and to work with the Recruit Evaluation Unit. I commuted by train to North Chicago. My husband took the “El” in the opposite direction for his education in downtown Chicago. We were cold and pretty miserable living in one of the largest cities that—if it hadn’t been for the food—was out of our comfort zone. Yet we were newlyweds, and love could conquer all. For too long, I had stayed in a graduate program that was a poor fit. I finally found something meaningful in my employment position of assessing new recruits as fit for duty or medically discharging them if necessary. One of my favorite parts about the job was evaluating the psychological competency of future Navy Seals.

My earliest exposure to the military involved hearing how much my dad had enjoyed being a cook in the Army. My most intense exposure to military culture was field placement trainings at the North Chicago Veterans Administration in Diagnostic Interviewing, Behavior/Sex-therapy, and Biofeedback-psychophysiology. Having the opportunity to counsel veterans one-on-one, I developed an awareness and understanding of how military culture impacts people’s lives. I found gratification in my time-limited role as a civilian GS-9 psychologist and considered what it would mean to join the Navy and become an officer. As much as I reveled being immersed in military culture, I realized that I would never ask my new husband to join me on this venture. I felt that such an undertaking would mean giving up his independence, desires, and the dreams we had made together.

Upon returning to Colorado, I changed graduate schools. Years later when I read of an opening for a local military psychologist position, I was astonished to find out that I was above their mandatory age range! In the mean time, I was honored to have the opportunity to share the CalmUp® Journey with many amazing veterans during my work in long-term care and rehabilitation. What fuels me now to teach the CalmUp® Journey primarily to service members, veterans, and caregivers is noticing that change happens so quickly. As a result, I began to engage in research projects to test the validity of the CalmUp® Journey.

When I’m not taking my own CalmUp® Journey during nighttime scribbling or daily dog walks, I can be found spending quality time with family and friends or engaging in other business projects. What I could never have known was that pursuing the priorities of God, wife, and mother, our son’s path would bring me back to military life. He became a Sea Cadet in high school and quickly set his sights on the U.S. Naval Academy. He was amazed to learn that his paternal grandfather, great grandfather, and three great uncles had all served in the Navy. Furthermore, his maternal grandfather had been accepted to West Point, and his paternal second cousin went to Annapolis and retired as a colonel. 

Allowing for our darkest behaviors and the most difficult times is at the heart of letting go of the need to control others and the outcome of one’s desires. For myself, the accomplishment of learning to prioritize values and daily choices transpires under the guidance of the CalmUp® Journey that is now available for you.

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