About the CalmUp® Journey

The CalmUp® Journey is a one-page (two-sided) self-guided Daily Ascending Tool, a self-examination worksheet for men and women. Use this daily personal “road map” to decide how you want to be-think-feel, ascending beyond your inhibiting beliefs and self-concepts.

CalmUp® photo of Thailand Beach

Proprietary aspects:

  1. What makes the CalmUp® Journey unique in the industry is that its methodology combines scientific teachings with holistic concepts, effecting a more complete way of creating life changes.

  2. The purpose of the CalmUp® Journey: You choose with full awareness.

  3. The premise of the CalmUp® Journey: You are the expert of you and your life, and you can live at the height of your power every day. A daily practice of the CalmUp® Journey allows you to access your inner guidance, explore what’s personally meaningful, and deepen your capacity for clarity, wisdom, joy, peace, bliss, and wholeness.

To feel better, do you:

  • Take a pill or other substance?

  • Smoke?

  • Overeat?

  • Spend too much money?

  • Engage in other addictive or harmful behaviors?

Although there’s no scientific evidence yet that shows that regular use of the CalmUp® Journey will help you stop your negative behaviors, many users have reported a shift in their same old patterns. If you do make some positive changes in your life as a result of using the CalmUp® Journey, we’d love to hear from you.