About CalmUp®

CalmUp® is a Colorado-based LLC (limited liability company) created to promote Dr. Lorie Gose’s lifework—the CalmUp® Journey—so that you can have more fulfilling days.CalmUp® FB photo


Hey, Could You Benefit from Our Services?

  • Improve the quality of your relationships, your work situation, your general health.

  • Explore a new idea you’ve had brewing.

  • Change the way you sometimes act.

  • Make conscious choices about your day.

  • Design a different kind of day—one that could clear a new path.

  • Navigate the physical and emotional issues messing with your life.

  • Learn to work independently on your “stuff.”

  • Resolve what drains your energy from day to day.

  • Become a more loving human.

  • Shift your negative thought patterns that bring on those dark moods.

  • Turn your worries into creative action.

  • Stop avoiding what you know you need to do.

  • Generate more peace and joy.

  • Follow your heart’s desire with confidence and courage.

  • Upgrade one or more areas of your otherwise pretty cool life.

  • Share a daily life tool with someone you love.

  • Have a better day every day.

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