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Are you experiencing general life stress?

Are you unfulfilled in your work or relationships?

Are you living the life you’ve imagined?

What would be different if only you could awaken energized each day to address your financial goals, relationship issues, or whatever life dreams you wish to accomplish?

Here’s what’s Possible for you:

  • What you’ll discover will help transform you into the person you aspire to be—for yourself, for others, for the world!
  • You’ll learn a simple sequence to assist you to get your head on straight. Every. Single. Day.
  • You’ll experience the complete 7-Level sequence to generate more money, a better love life, or whatever objectives you set for yourself. Some of my clients find that their day improves after doing just Level One!



Black Friday Sale for the Months of

November and December


With Added Bonus–See #5 Below

Question #1:  You’ve never had a sale before—why now?

Answer:  In 2016, I’ll be putting time into working with my new niche (More about that in the December Wellspring Guideposts). This sale allows me to thank my loyal subscribers.

When the Unfathomable Happens


Denial—Everything’s fine. This isn’t really happening.

Numbness—There’s no feeling, no hunger.

Disbelief—Acceptance is not an option.



Prayers are offered.


Wide-awake in the dead of night.

Unbearable sadness.

Indescribable pain.



The sun comes up without your consent.


photo for blog Nov 2015


It’s About You:

  1. Have you experienced the unfathomable? Can you remember having experienced this level of pain? How did you move through it?
  2. Breathe into the pain of the present moment, and visualize yourself coming out the darkness.
  3. The CalmUp® Journey teaches that we need to acknowledge all parts of the process in order for us to heal. What specific parts of the process have been difficult?

Take Action:

If you found this poem meaningful, feel free to check out my poem on Rage from March 2013. Also, I’m introducing the lowest priced training that CalmUp® has ever offered. It is called Overcoming Obstacles™ and can be found at this link.