More Tips—Really

More Tips

Three important tips when using the Back Page of the CalmUp® Journey include:

  • Practice using a conversational style. For example, explore an issue using a question/answer format by writing a question on the left column and answering it in the right column. You can also complain or vent in the left column and respond thoughtfully and compassionately in the right column.
  • Consider using the left column to list all of your fear-based thoughts while using the right column to list your loving feedback.
  • Use the left column to become aware of your stress/worries/concerns about your day. Turn to the right column and start creating your ideal day.


  1. Even without an actual CalmUp® Journey in hand, you can begin to improve the quality of your day today with a piece of paper separated into two columns. What have you been silently (or loudly) griping about and how would you thoughtfully respond?
  2. What are your top 3 fear-based thoughts and what loving feedback could you provide?
  3. List all of your stressors, worries, and concerns about the day ahead. How would you start to create your ideal day?


Fearless Warrior: Seven Simple Pointers

Seriously—a fearless warrior? That sounds like something out of a movie, but not really pertinent to my life.

Well, on second thought, it’s very pertinent. Who doesn’t want to be a fearless warrior? The question is how realistic is that?

Pointer Trees
Being a fearless warrior is both realistic and possible. The following seven pointers demonstrate the simplicity:

    • Surrender worry
    • Do whatever you believe is important
    • Trust in your higher power and that everything is OK in this moment
    • Choose loving thoughts
    • Choose loving self-statements
    • Choose loving actions
    • Choose loving words

You may understand fearless but not warrior. How am I supposed to go out into the world and be a warrior?

Being a fearless warrior takes enormous effort, commitment, and belief in oneself. As a fearless warrior, you are shielded with light, and you naturally share this light with others. As a result, more peace and joy gets reflected, and the cycle continues. (For more information, see blog March 30, 2012 Overcoming Fear: Seven Tips You Can Use Today).

It’s About You:

  1. What does being a fearless warrior mean to you?