I Dare You

Perhaps you’ve been feeling doomed or thinking that what’s ahead of you is pretty much downhill from here. Ok, maybe your story isn’t that bad or maybe it’s worse.

At the same time, you haven’t been willing to accept any help, right? Maybe your unwillingness to receive support is about being too proud or just a preference for privacy. Many people can end up feeling this way at some point.

So what can you do? Here’s a dare: right now, I dare you to hold out your arms just like in my photo. If it feels awkward or strange, do it anyway. To complete the dare, keep your arms out until you finish reading.

Begin taking in the energy of love, healing, abundance, success, and joy. With a deep breath, allow for the feeling of relief. Ahhhhhhh. Trust that whatever you need is coming to you. Open to benevolence. Feel the tranquility. It’s here.


  1. If you’ve felt doomed in the past, what was it that turned things around and gave you a degree of hope?
  2. Recalling a time when you’ve preferred to hide your truth and stuff your feelings from those who love you, what gave you the courage to finally tell your story?

Three More Tips for Success in Taking a CalmUp® Journey

A map can appear daunting when looking at it for the first time, especially when you don’t know where you’re headed. The CalmUp® Journey is no different. At first glance, one could feel overwhelmed by the levels, columns, and sentence completions. Once you figure out where you’re headed on the CalmUp® Journey (up!), you’re on your way to a better day.

Another Tip

Following the first three tips from the June 28 blog, here are three more pointers to help you find your way:

  • Let go of the fine print. Complete the sentences with the first thing that comes to mind. Consider responding from the soul instead of the intellect. For example, don’t assume that you’re doing something wrong if you complete Level V, and the answer you wrote down has nothing to do with Society. Since we can’t divorce ourselves from our environment, your answer is just fine.
  • Break it up. You probably can’t imagine how to create a new consistent 20-30 minute time period in your day. Please don’t give up before you get started. Consider completing the CalmUp® Journey in short 3-minute segments throughout the day or week. Whether you choose to take a long expedition or a short jaunt, at least you’re going!