Take a Leap of Faith—Seriously?

It’s easy to want to give up when the going gets tough. If you believe that you have something important to share or say or do, and the world around you seems to be messing up your plans, maybe you need to stop. Not stop your plans; just stop what you’re doing. Take a break. Reassess.

Earlier today, I was feeling this: “Lorie, who do you think you are, going out there and sharing CalmUp® with the world?” I called my friend, Ula, for reassurance. She reminded me of the story of Job and encouraged me to take a leap of faith. I pulled out a sheet of paper and started a CalmUp® Journey.

How can I ascend the pain, the chaos, and the insanity of my experience?

No sooner had I accepted my pain than my telephone rang. My publisher discovered their mistake and resubmitted the correct material to the printer.

“Yes,” I told myself, “I’m capable of putting myself and my work out there.”