Your Sample Questions

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Your own How can I…? questions will help others come up with good questions for themselves. Please submit any you’d like to share.

Daily How Can I's


  • How can I improve my confidence? October 31, 2011 Greg (sales executive for a large hotel) in Phuket, Thailand
  • How can I be aware of when I’m controlling others? December 16, 2011 Nanda (retired) in Goa, India
  • How can I deal with my inner critic that likes to tell me I cannot do what I want to? May 26, 2013 Suzanne (psychotherapist) in Denver, Colorado


  • How can I keep my marriage strong while I go through this difficult part of my life? March 9, 2012 Karen Z. Brass in Pine, Colorado
  • How can I honor this person in this moment? This could be anyone from my mom to the clerk at the grocery checkout. August 8, 2012 AS (educator, author) in Denver, Colorado


  • How can I facilitate family communication so that everyone’s voice is heard? November 4, 2011 Ula (elder care) in Littleton, Colorado






  • How can I remain calm and connected today? August 3, 2012 by KSH (author, public speaker) in Lakewood, Colorado