When to Push, When to Surrender?

About 18 months ago, I thought it would be meaningful to launch CalmUp® on 1-11-11. When I realized I wouldn’t make my launch goal, I laughed about how there’s always 11-1-11 or even 11-11-11. I anticipated being up and running way before then. What’s that joke about God laughing when you tell him your plans?

About two weeks ago, as 11-11-11 drew near, my having been cocky was staring me in the face. It registered that I could push for this date after all. Why not? My website was close to completion, and the books were ready to go. After creating a compulsive spreadsheet that listed when everything else would need to be accomplished, the goal seemed tenuous. Even with eliminating reasonable family responsibilities, not to mention a full night’s sleep, there’s still the day job, which I fortunately enjoy.

Lorie, remember peace and joy? And how about calm! When I owned that I wasn’t going to launch on this symbolic day of unity, I called my friend, Ula, to whine a bit. (You can listen to Ula on my first interview of “Regular Folks With a Noteworthy Story”). This wise woman encouraged me to send out a “pre-announcement” on 11-11-11 in place of the planned newsletter. That I could do. As if by magic, I was able to surrender the pressure I had put on myself.

I could have titled this blog, “Would the Real Launch Date Please Stand Up?” Yet no matter what you’re creating, the experience is rarely about black or white. Every day, as I complete my personal  CalmUp® Journey, I’m reminded to enjoy the ride and let go of focusing on the outcome. Besides, a launch isn’t an ending; it’s a commencement.


1. When you find yourself pushing to get something done, is the reason related to, on the one hand, a feeling of pressure? A sense of duty? A should? Or on the other hand, the joy of creation? The pursuit of the vision? The spirit of inquiry?

2. How could you gently move forward towards a goal and also surrender?

3. What’s one thing that you’ve dreamed of doing, and how can you write it down on your own “spreadsheet” in order to boost creation?