Wanting What We Don’t Have—Part II

It’s early in the morning, and even the dogs are still asleep.

Even the Dogs are Asleep

Even the Dogs are Asleep

When I wrote Part I, I didn’t know there would be a Part II.

I’m excited to put my thoughts to paper and share more with you.

Today would be a great day to go on a fabulous Alaskan cruise, chill out at a comfortable beach house, or basically spend my time doing exactly what I want.

It’s fun to spell out what we want and to set goals. What happens when people can’t have what they want?

  • Because of loss of a loved one
  • Because of a serious health issue
  • Because of financial reasons

We cope.

We cope in a variety of ways, some of which are harmful.

Dr. Lorie serving Thanksgiving meals through the Salvation Army 2014

Dr. Lorie serving Thanksgiving meals through the Salvation Army 2014

One useful way to cope is to do unto others.

  • Helping someone else—perhaps by helping in a way that is relevant to what you want
  • Volunteering your time—even when you believe you don’t have any
  • Giving what you can—no matter how minor it may seem

Another meaningful way to cope is through gratitude. We can be grateful for what we DO have and what we CAN do:

  • Grateful for having or had the experiences with our loved ones
  • Grateful for being alive and taking one day at a time
  • Grateful for the energy that flows through us

On a personal note, I’m setting a goal this year to explore how I can volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Project by teaching the CalmUp® Journey.

I’m not the only one who had more to say on the subject. You can listen to country music star, Jake Owen, singing What We Ain’t Got by clicking the link below:



  1. Have you spelled out exactly what you want yet?
  2. If there’s something that you really want, can you imagine the way you’d feel if it came to you now?
  3. What would your day be like if you focused more on the quality of person you ARE rather than on what you DON’T HAVE?