Three More Tips for Success in Taking a CalmUp® Journey

A map can appear daunting when looking at it for the first time, especially when you don’t know where you’re headed. The CalmUp® Journey is no different. At first glance, one could feel overwhelmed by the levels, columns, and sentence completions. Once you figure out where you’re headed on the CalmUp® Journey (up!), you’re on your way to a better day.

Another Tip

Following the first three tips from the June 28 blog, here are three more pointers to help you find your way:

  • Let go of the fine print. Complete the sentences with the first thing that comes to mind. Consider responding from the soul instead of the intellect. For example, don’t assume that you’re doing something wrong if you complete Level V, and the answer you wrote down has nothing to do with Society. Since we can’t divorce ourselves from our environment, your answer is just fine.
  • Break it up. You probably can’t imagine how to create a new consistent 20-30 minute time period in your day. Please don’t give up before you get started. Consider completing the CalmUp® Journey in short 3-minute segments throughout the day or week. Whether you choose to take a long expedition or a short jaunt, at least you’re going!
  • Don’t obsess. The CalmUp® Journey isn’t intended to be a heady process. Be creative and don’t force your responses. If you need to, walk away from the CalmUp® Journey. The response that you’re seeking may come in the words of the next song that you hear. If you spend more than 20-30 minutes on your voyage, you probably won’t be motivated to trek again any time soon. You can always travel again tomorrow.


  1. If you’re the kind of person who assumes you’re doing it wrong, what can you do today to jump in, get started, and shift that attitude to doing it anyway?
  2. If you’ve prejudged your life as being too busy to take the CalmUp® Journey, would you make time for 3-minute segments if you knew that your life could be significantly better?
  3. Just like learning to ride a bike or swim or drive, those first few times can be difficult. How many times do you think you would need to take a CalmUp® Journey before it became routine?