The Pressures of the Holidays

A lot of people this year are experiencing economic difficulties that can lead to feelings of hopelessness. People with health challenges often lack the energy to get involved in holiday festivities. Can you make the holidays more enjoyable?

Yes. In the same way that there’s no limit to the quality of your day, there’s also no limit to the quality of the holidays. The paradox, however, is that improving your own holiday involves serving others. As I wrote in CalmUp® Journey: Your Daily Ascending Tool for Better Days, true self-help is really about “other-help.”

That’s easy to say and much harder to do, especially around the holidays. With the end of the year, you may be working on accomplishing tasks, not to mention heading out to buy gifts. In looking more closely at my own pressures this holiday season, I realize my son and I have been quarreling over asking each other to do stuff for one another. “When you empty the dryer of your clothes, would you mind throwing in the load that’s in the washing machine?” “Mom, can you come outside and give me a hand with the ladder?”