Fearless Warrior: Seven Simple Pointers

Seriously—a fearless warrior? That sounds like something out of a movie, but not really pertinent to my life.

Well, on second thought, it’s very pertinent. Who doesn’t want to be a fearless warrior? The question is how realistic is that?

Pointer Trees
Being a fearless warrior is both realistic and possible. The following seven pointers demonstrate the simplicity:

    • Surrender worry
    • Do whatever you believe is important
    • Trust in your higher power and that everything is OK in this moment
    • Choose loving thoughts
    • Choose loving self-statements
    • Choose loving actions
    • Choose loving words

You may understand fearless but not warrior. How am I supposed to go out into the world and be a warrior?

Being a fearless warrior takes enormous effort, commitment, and belief in oneself. As a fearless warrior, you are shielded with light, and you naturally share this light with others. As a result, more peace and joy gets reflected, and the cycle continues. (For more information, see blog March 30, 2012 Overcoming Fear: Seven Tips You Can Use Today).

It’s About You:

  1. What does being a fearless warrior mean to you?