What’s So Magnificent About You?

I recently read Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing. It’s a remarkable story that both confirmed and challenged many of my long-held beliefs. One of my beliefs that she confirmed is the importance of detaching from preconceived outcomes. A belief that is challenging for me is the importance of remembering my own magnificence.

Although I consider myself a pretty terrific person (as I hope most of you do about yourselves), the idea of being magnificent feels far-fetched and out of reach. Nevertheless, I’m open to going there, and I’d love it if you’d join me.

CalmUp® photo of magnificent dogNewborn puppies, kitties, and ponies are pretty magnificent, right? And wouldn’t you agree that babies are magnificent? Logic suggests that the magnificence of children doesn’t just disappear at the end of childhood. What about couples who continue to see the magnificence of their lovers long after the honeymoon phase?

Ms. Moorjani ascertains that if we each open to our own magnificent nature, “It follows that the problems we see in the world aren’t from the judgment or hatred we have for others but for ourselves.” This idea makes logical sense. If this challenges you, then opening to your own magnificence is going to take some conscious effort.

Just Chillin’: I Took a CalmUp® Journey Today

CalmUp® photo of lake and cat tail

  • How can I move softly during this very long day?
  • How can I regain my energy and return to effortless effort?
  • How can I notice when it starts to feel like effort?




These were a few of my recent personal “How can I…” questions. Have you been feeling exhausted recently? You’re not alone. I hear so many people commenting about how tired they feel.

It’s easy to join the crowd and respond in agreement with some comment like, “Me too, I’ve been going non-stop.” We’ve learned that draining our energy is a precursor to illness. Who wants to go down that road?

I recently shared in the June issue of Wellspring Guideposts that over functioning has been my modus operandi. What I experienced this past week, however, was above the norm! Fortunately, I took a CalmUp® Journey and awoke from the stupor. I quickly shifted directions and let go of a time-consuming project. It felt so good to regain my energy and focus.

Spring is Here: Renew Recharge Reclaim

This is the photo for the CalmUp® blog April 17, 2013 titled "Spring is Here: Renew Recharge Reclaim"

Spring in Colorado means snow. Renew?

In some States, there has been some perilous flooding. Recharge?

Around the globe, there’s considerable warfare. Reclaim?

Have you ever considered commanding nature or limiting international hostility? Such wishful thinking may leave you feeling ineffective.

Rather than trying to control what’s outside of you, why not build your personal power? Taking a CalmUp® Journey is one path (and a simple one at that!) to assist in monitoring your beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and choices. As you may already know, every CalmUp® Journey begins with a “How can I…” question.

Below are the current sample “How can I…?” questions on the Your Sample Questions page of the www.DrLorieGose.com website. The questions are classified under eight life categories.


  • How can I be aware of when I’m controlling others?
  • How can I improve my confidence?


  • How can I keep my marriage strong while I go through this difficult part of my life?
  • How can I honor this person in this moment?


  • How can I facilitate family communication so that everyone’s voice is heard?

Daily Life Experiences

Household Chaos

I’ve hit household bottom. I can’t remember the last time I dusted, the plants are wilting, and I had to wear my yoga shorts and top as undergarments today. In other words, time to start at least one load of laundry.

Yet it has been a great week. We’ve enjoyed delicious home cooked meals, we’ve shared quality family time, and I was happy about publishing a fun Wellspring Guideposts. How can these contradictory experiences coexist?

When I feel overloaded, I turn to a CalmUp® Journey. The tendency, of course, is to want to push and get started with the tasks right away: water plants, clean up dishes, give the dogs a bath, etc. Instead, by slowing down and completing the 7 Levels of the CalmUp® Journey, I rise above household chaos.


  1. How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed? Do you talk to a friend, go around feeling stressed out, etc.?
  2. In what area(s) of your life do you experience chaos? And in what area(s) of your life are you excelling?
  3. By the end of my day, my home was clean, my laundry was done, and I wrote this blog. What do you do to rise above your own chaos?

Mission Impossible

I was sitting up in bed, snuggled warm with pen in hand. In the midst of starting my CalmUp® Journey, the phone rang. My son was halfway to school in 18-degree weather, and his fully charged scooter motor gave out. With eight minutes before the early bell, Mom went to the rescue.

Back in bed and warmed by the fireplace, I picked up my pen and reconsidered the first question of Level I: “How can I…?”

  • How can I move with grace and ease today?
  • How can I best support my loved ones?
  • How can I honor my priorities?

The rest of that question didn’t matter, because I felt like I’d already accomplished it.


  1. What’s stopping you from coming up with your own daily “How can I…” question? For inspiration, you can see mine on Twitter.
  2. Imagine yourself warm under the covers just opening your eyes after a good night’s sleep. How can you rethink the way you’ve been starting your days?
  3. What’s your “How can I…” question for today?

Do It Again

I had my day all planned out. I knew what I was going to accomplish. Even my attitude was decent, having reached a rating of “7” on the 1–10 scale of the CalmUp® Journey.

At the end of the day, I felt disappointed that I hadn’t accomplished even one of my three main goals I had set for myself. “Great,” I told myself, “I put all that energy into completing the CalmUp® Journey, and I got nowhere.”

Nowhere? Looking back at my day…

A.    I started the morning in the hot tub with my husband followed by breakfast with my family.  (Those two activities alone would bring most of us to a “10”!)
B.    Later after work, I took a nap with the doggies then got started on one of my projects. (Wow—a nap!)
C.    Then there was driving our son home from his after school activity and having dinner all together. (Having a family dinner ought to count for something!)
D.    After we watched our favorite TV show, I took some personal time for my writing. (If all else fails, blog!)