Stress Management Tips for Joyful Efficiency

Busy is one thing—living in triage-mode is another. Since launching CalmUp®, my to-do list has spawned a new batch of subheadings. My personal organization system started to look like the backside of a cross-stitch. By good fortune, I learned about the technology of creating more than one reminder list.

Does having five reminder lists (the grocery list makes six) seem unreasonable? One person I know has separate reminder lists for each of his college courses, his employment, his hobbies, etc. He even has a written reminder to brush his teeth!

How can I become more efficient?

Reminder lists allow me to determine what I want to work on instead of feeling anxious or stressed out.

On the CalmUp® Journey (see, I pictured living my life like a war zone or an emergency room whereby I was triaging the most crucial tasks of the day. Talk about a dark image! If my self-care suffered, then oh well. And if the dishes were all over the counter, who cares?

Well, I care. I explored a new visualization to counter my urgent-feeling lifestyle. Rose petals came to mind. Rose petals? Valentine’s Day gets the credit for this new, calmer image. I could pick three rose petals at a time, with each rose petal representing one chosen item from my reminder list. I imagine holding the delicate petals and savoring their magnificent scent. Once my three items are completed, I can toss the petals like a flower girl and when ready, choose my next three.

The stress management tips can be summarized as follows:

First, figure out what you want to work on.
Next, what disheartening image comes to mind?
Finally, explore a self-loving visualization.

While I don’t compulsively engage in three chores at a time, my new visualization reminds me to embrace the tasks at hand, accomplish my goals (or not), and bask in my amazing day.


  1. What specifically do you want to accomplish?
  2. How can you release an old pattern of darkness and adopt a new pattern of light?
  3. Ultimately, begin to accept and love yourself more authentically, regardless of what you do (or not).