So Why CalmUp®?

How can I go out into the world and teach the CalmUp® Journey when the publishing process has turned me into anything but calm?

I’ve just completed a CalmUp® Journey launched with this “How can I…” question. In less than 30 minutes, I moved from feeling “sad, confused, stuck, foolish, and incapable” to feeling “joyful, confident, flexible, wise, and competent.” On a 1–10 scale (with 10 being the highest level of peace and joy), I moved from a “2” (it’s been an extremely challenging week) to a “10” (knowing and trusting that I’m right where I need to be).

I’ve been writing here about the conception, development, and birthing of CalmUp®. What I haven’t shared is the “why”: Why use the CalmUp® Journey? Why do I use the CalmUp® Journey?

Why use the CalmUp® Journey? Click here for a list of marvelous benefits from the services provided by CalmUp®. If you experience any other benefits, I’d love to hear about them.

Why do I use the CalmUp® Journey? Because there’s no way I can help anyone else have a better day if I don’t help myself first. I didn’t set out to help myself, nor did I anticipate that my CalmUp® Journey practice would shift my experience in the world. But help and shift, it did. I calm up into a more loving person, toward both others and myself. That’s my hope for you, too.


  1. What activities make you feel like a “9” or a “10” on a 1–10 scale? A “1” or a “2”?
  2. If you’ve taken a CalmUp® Journey, did you notice a shift in your own 1–10 ratings?
  3. Why might/do you use the CalmUp® Journey?