Muchas Gracias

First Frost—Lakewood, Colorado 2013

First Frost—Lakewood, Colorado 2013

How can I express my gratitude?

Last month, I was challenged to speak my truth on the CalmUp® Facebook page. I’d been feeling cynical, and I posted about it.

I found I was feeling resentful about having to spend time on “business things,” when I’d rather be doing “mom things.”

Later, I read the following quotes by Marianne Williamson from her book, A Return to Love:

“It’s easy to be cynical. In fact, it’s an excuse for not helping the world.” (p. 275)


“Do what makes your heart sing. And never do it for the money.” (p. 192)

Marianne explained that it is emotionally self-destructive to make our goal anything other than peace. Deep down, I feel the same way.

In this time of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for being a part of the CalmUp® community, and thank you for allowing me the privilege to speak my truth. As I believe that speaking one’s truth is at the heart of creating inner peace, thank you for helping me grow my own inner peace.

First Snow—Lakewood, Colorado 2013

First Snow—Lakewood, Colorado 2013


  1. Helping the world doesn’t have to involve some high falutin’ consortium that takes you away from your day job or family. What one simple act did you do today to lighten the load for somebody else?
  2. What makes your heart sing?
  3. How are you doing these days in terms of speaking your truth?

Author: Dr. Lorie Gose

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