Noteworthy Stories

Welcome to Regular Folks With a Noteworthy Story. These short interviews are less than eight minutes, so you can take a quick listen and move on with your day. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to be interviewed. Topics include wellness, balance, freedom, helping others, self-empowerment, love, and spirit.


tamalesInterview August 2013 Meet Nora Whidby, the Tamales Lady! Something told me I had to do an interview. I was curious—what was her story? The tamales are definitely the most delicious. Learn about the family business and the mother-daughter duo. Then give them a call to place an order! 1-719-205-3864




CalmUp® photo of Jim and SophieInterview July 2013 and After the Interview! Jim Knox and his dog, Sophie, are our special guests this summer. Listen and watch as Jim shares how he moved from being allured by the competition to finding pleasure in the journey.





Suzanne Carter Interview June 2013 and After the Interview! Reverend Suzanne Carter is an ordained minister, an author, a certified grief recovery specialist, a certified Equine Assisted psychotherapist, a spiritual intelligence coach, and a magnificent human being. Meet Suzanne at




CalmUp® photo of Brenda BomgardnerInterview May 2013 and After the Interview! Brenda Bomgardner, MA, NCC is the founder of Creating Your Beyond, LLC. She is an expert in working with adult survivors with the goal of helping them create a life beyond loss. As a psychotherapist and coach, she specializes in helping people define their values and find new meaning. Connect with Brenda at



CalmUp® presents Lionel FisherInterview April 2013  and After the Interview! Lionel Fisher indulges us with a second interview. He speaks about his personal journey and how he came to write Celebrating Time Alone: Stories of Splendid Solitude. Stay tuned for After the Interview! and join our unedited celebration of living script-free. You can find his books and read excerpts on his website at



Interview March 2013  and After the Interview! Lionel Fisher, a professional writer for thirty-five years, has accomplishments including corporate communicator, advertising/public relations copywriter-creative director, journalist, columnist, and freelance writer. Lionel gave up the rat race when he retreated to a remote Pacific Northwest beach. You’re going to want to read his biography and blogs at



Interview February 2013  Dr. Joanne Baum returns for a planned encore interview. We get to learn about what she does as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Level III Certified Addictions Counselor. Listen as Dr. Baum speaks about her work as a divorce coach. Learn more about Joanne through her websites: and



Interview January 2013  Are you ready for a fun Noteworthy Story to start off 2013? When I met Marty Dickinson, I knew I wanted to hire him to get the CalmUp® website off the ground. When you listen to this interview, you’ll notice that his enthusiasm is contagious. Learn more about Marty at his main website: and connect with him on Facebook at



Interview December 2012  Imagine an organization that gives micro credit loans and education to women who can then lift themselves out of poverty. In this month’s interview, Dr. Joanne Baum speaks about her involvement with Friendship Bridge. Learn more about Friendship Bridge at




Interview November 2012  10 til 2 is a staffing service with a professional, part-time employment model. Listen to Jill Ater, the founding and managing partner share her noteworthy story about taking a new direction. View open jobs on her website at




Interview October 2012  Where does true health come from? Enjoy this noteworthy story with Dr. Darby Thomas from 100% Chiropractic and take your power back. She doesn’t believe that you need to wake up suffering. Get ready to eliminate those stressors draining your energy. Read more about Dr. Darby at


Interview September 2012  Rachel Griffin, an Economic Development Specialist, understands that the phrasing of a How can I…? question “will help business owners because it will force them to consider that there might be solutions that they didn’t otherwise ask.” Learn more about Lakewood Economic Development by visiting


Interview August 2012  Alison has been experiencing family and employment matters and seeking to have her day be smooooth! She’s able to reframe by exploring how she can be smooth amidst the chaos. Listen as Alison works through Level I of the CalmUp® Journey. You can read her new blog about Adoption and its Rippling Effects at




Interview July 2012   Listen to Kate’s interview as she shares guidance from her most recent CalmUp® Journey when she moved from feeling overwhelmed to becoming gentle with herself. Read more about Kate, an author, speaker, and advocate for oneness at




Interview June 2012    Struggling to protect 15 minutes for himself each day, John is preparing to take his first CalmUp® Journey. He explains, “It just kind of fit it to what seemed to be where I was at in life already.”





Interview May 2012     In honor of Mother’s Day, I couldn’t think of anyone better to interview than my own mom, Nirmal Almeida. Listen as she shares her experience of using the CalmUp® Journey together as mother and daughter.




Interview April 2012     Cindy is a nurse practitioner from Iowa who wants to “break the winter blues.” Listen how she uses the CalmUp® Journey to find balance in her full life.


Interview March 2012     Karen Brass’ email signature includes “mom, wife, speaker, advocate, caregiver, friend!” Listen how she chooses to use the CalmUp® Journey primarily in her role as a caregiver. You can learn more about Karen at and




Interview February 2012   Dani from Kansas is “an empty nester” who is seeking new experiences. She used the CalmUp® Journey and asked, “How can I enjoy people for who they are?”


Interview January 2012       Bob, or as you’ll hear “Dr. Bob,” is a 79-year-old physician who chose to use the CalmUp® Journey as an Annual Ascending Tool. He discusses the difference between physical pain and the ramifications of having to deal with that pain on a daily basis.


Interview December 2011     Listen to Maureen who compares the CalmUp® Journey with self-actualization tools from the 70’s and 80’s.


Interview November 2011     Welcome to our first interview of Ula who talks about having participated in both the 2004 pilot workshop and the launching of the 2011 workshop.