Make the Shift


10:25 AM
Hiya – you wanna get together Thurs evening? It’s been awhile. I’m available about 4:30.

11:11 AM
Hi gal – I’ve got a 3-day workshop starting Thurs eve.

OK – tonight or tomorrow?

I replied to my friend’s text while sitting with my dog, Nick, in my lap at the vet. Getting together just wasn’t going to happen—not this week anyway. There’s driving to band practice, baseball games, and a newsletter to write. Not to mention my mile high to-do list (everything in Denver is “mile high.”)

I hadn’t yet finished my CalmUp® Journey, and I found myself yelling at my son, “Do you really think that putting water in a pan is cleaning up after yourself?!” [Note to self about idea: The CalmUp® Journey for Parents of Teenagers.] Although I was kidding about the idea, my behavior prompted me to complete my daily CalmUp® Journey before heading out of the house.

I can’t pinpoint when the shift happened. I returned to work after the vet appointment. Hours later, by the time band practice ended, I was astounded. Somehow I had finished the day job, completed the final editing for the newsletter article, responded to my emails, and… I had done enough for one day.

7:17 PM
Are u still available tonight?

How did it happen that a crummy morning transformed into an efficient day and a super fun evening?


I awoke feeling stressed out before I even opened my eyes. My son’s school was letting out early for a scheduled half-day. Not only was my day job going to be interrupted, but I also had a list of business tasks to complete, and I needed to get my son to his baseball game by 4:30. Oh yea, somehow I also hoped to create time to exercise.

I know exactly when the shift happened. After my alarm went off, I crawled back in bed and completed my CalmUp® Journey. Before I even got in the shower, I received a phone call from my son’s friends’ mother. She not only invited my son over after school (which meant that I wouldn’t have to leave work to pick him up in the middle of the day), she also offered to bring him home!

The day continued to get better from there, including getting to exercise. I won’t go on about it, because I’d rather that you start experiencing your own amazing days with the help of the CalmUp® Journey (if you haven’t already).


  1. If you were to visualize a shift in your day, what would it look like?
  2. Choose one source of irritation in your day, and uncover the gratitude. For example, soaking a pan is pretty impressive for a 14-year-old!
  3. What small action can you initiate to create a fun evening for yourself?