CalmUp® photo of bird flying away

I recently walked the dogs and noticed the construction at our new neighbors’ home, turning the addition into a large garage. It wasn’t that long ago when our friends, who used to live in that house, turned the garage into an addition.

Whereas some things never seem to change, others never stay the same. Eckhart Tolle said it best: Even the Sun Will Die.

With the recent flooding in Colorado, many people lost their homes, and some people lost loved ones. At my work in long-term care, the residents are regularly faced with impermanence due to their own physical decline, as well as the loss of friends and roommates.

With the transience of life, I love taking a CalmUp® Journey, because the focus is on TODAY. The premise of the CalmUp® Journey is that you are the expert of you and your life, and you can live at the height of your power every day, despite life’s adversities.

Whether you’re constructing or reconstructing, the small amount of time spent ascending the simple worksheet will give back to you tenfold. By being fully aware, we can choose to accept impermanence as a part of life.


  1. What feelings come up for you when you think of impermanence?
  2. How is impermanence impacting your life today?
  3. When do you take time to stop and examine your thoughts and feelings?