I’m No Buddha!

CalmUp® photo I of path in India

What do the Buddha and I have in common?

Not much. Sometimes I yell and lose my cool. Don’t you? Somehow I just don’t picture the Buddha behaving like that. I also get frustrated when things don’t go the way I expect. I’m told, “That’s life,” as if that’s going to make the feeling go away.

So how the heck can I tout Peacebuilding?

Well, I’ve got something that the Buddha doesn’t have—the CalmUp® Journey! With the CalmUp® Journey, I can go from freak-out to peace-out in about twenty minutes. What do you do when you lose your composure? How long does it take you to return to equanimity?

Why turn to a daily resource if making a fool of oneself seldom happens?

That’s like asking, “Why bother flossing if dental problems seldom occur?” One reason I recommend turning to a daily resource is for prevention. Similar to a daily habit of dental hygiene to prevent gum disease, by turning to the CalmUp® Journey, you’ll have an asset at your fingertips to help prevent peace-of-mind-decay.

But what if I’m not seeking perfection?

Taking a CalmUp® Journey isn’t about attaining perfection or turning you into a perfect “10” like Bo Derek (or insert name of favorite hunk here). Other than for the purpose of prevention, why do I take time each day to go inward? Personally, I find that with outside influences such as the news, other media, and people’s fear-based opinions, my perspective can get skewed. Instead of holding tightly to a right or a wrong position, a morning ritual of CalmUp® Journey allows me to uncover an alternate point of view.

We’re all Buddha.

One thing that we all have in common is that we like to evaluate our own lives. In the same way that the Buddha advised his disciples to do their own work, the CalmUp® Journey allows us to work independently and explore both our ordinary and our True nature. Soaking in the poor me quagmire can feel oh so good; it just won’t get us where we want to be. Nirvana is believed to be possible for any human being. How funny when we find that, through daily introspection, what we didn’t expect turns out to be better than we could have imagined!

CalmUp® photo II of path in India