I Dare You

Perhaps you’ve been feeling doomed or thinking that what’s ahead of you is pretty much downhill from here. Ok, maybe your story isn’t that bad or maybe it’s worse.

At the same time, you haven’t been willing to accept any help, right? Maybe your unwillingness to receive support is about being too proud or just a preference for privacy. Many people can end up feeling this way at some point.

So what can you do? Here’s a dare: right now, I dare you to hold out your arms just like in my photo. If it feels awkward or strange, do it anyway. To complete the dare, keep your arms out until you finish reading.

Begin taking in the energy of love, healing, abundance, success, and joy. With a deep breath, allow for the feeling of relief. Ahhhhhhh. Trust that whatever you need is coming to you. Open to benevolence. Feel the tranquility. It’s here.


  1. If you’ve felt doomed in the past, what was it that turned things around and gave you a degree of hope?
  2. Recalling a time when you’ve preferred to hide your truth and stuff your feelings from those who love you, what gave you the courage to finally tell your story?
  3. It’s here? Really? I don’t see my rent money. I don’t have my loved one. If you’re the world’s biggest skeptic, what does the phrase, it’s here, mean to you?

Author: Dr. Lorie Gose

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  • ULA

    Good evening Lorie. Loved your blog. Only one thing popped into my head as I read it. Besides those who feel that they want privacy or are too proud, I know there have been times when I felt ‘unworthy’ to receive anything. That was when I was experiencing depression yet did not know it or understand ‘depression’ until I came out of it. I call that time of my life my ‘Dark Night of MY Soul’. Reading St. John of the Cross’ “Dark Night of the Soul” is what helped me understand and start moving forward. I feel that the feeling of ‘unworthiness’ or fear of rejection are two of the greatest culprits in holding humans back from realizing and attaining their full potential. WHEW! I LOVED your dare and now imagine my arms and angel wings hugging YOU in thanks for being you and bringing forth CalmUp. MUAH! namaste ULA

    • Dr. Lorie Gose

      Dear ULA,
      Thank you for your heartfelt and wise comment. Imagine how our lives would be different without the feelings of unworthiness and fear of rejection that you raised. The next time that either of these feelings come up, I know that I’ll be thinking of you and your angel wings! Let’s all move forward feeling deserving and confident.