When was the last time that you believed you had the power to actually achieve your dreams?

What would it mean to you to follow through on your personal goals and life wishes?

Dr. Lorie Gose researched her method of achieving personal change for over 20 years, and she is committed to helping the military community decrease stress, increase abundance, and have peace of mind.


Event A

Caffeine or No Caffeine?

General Information

If you’re in the area, join me for coffee or tea Friday at Whole Foods Market Belmar. 444 S. Wadsworth Blvd in Lakewood, CO 80226

This is informational, so there’s no fee. Click here to learn more.


Event B

Removing Roadblocks™

Learning the CalmUp® Journey

  • Removing Roadblocks™ is a one or three-session, low-cost alternative to coaching and psychotherapy. The premise is that you are the expert of you and your life, and you can live at the height of your power every day.
  • This is a sit-down or virtual training program to resolve what drains your energy from day to day.
  • Improve the quality of your relationships, work situation, general health, and other personal matters.

No experience necessary. Click here to learn more.


Event C

Overcoming Obstacles™

Alternate Learning of the CalmUp® Journey

  • Overcoming Obstacles™ is an opportunity to meet informally and potentially out in nature with Dr. Lorie to learn how to implement the CalmUp® Journey without pen and paper.
  • Take a walk on a Colorado trail or a local park in your area and get on the path to having an amazing day, every day.

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Event D

Let’s Keep At It

CalmUp® International Teleconference

CalmUp® photo of birds on telephone wire

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Note: Completion of Removing Roadblocks™ or Overcoming Obstacles™ is required for participation.