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Are you experiencing general life stress?

Are you unfulfilled in your work or relationships?

Are you living the life you’ve imagined?

What would be different if only you could awaken energized each day to address your financial goals, relationship issues, or whatever life dreams you wish to accomplish?

Here’s what’s Possible for you:

  • What you’ll discover will help transform you into the person you aspire to be—for yourself, for others, for the world!
  • You’ll learn a simple sequence to assist you to get your head on straight. Every. Single. Day.
  • You’ll experience the complete 7-Level sequence to generate more money, a better love life, or whatever objectives you set for yourself. Some of my clients find that their day improves after doing just Level One!



Black Friday Sale for the Months of

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Question #1:  You’ve never had a sale before—why now?

Answer:  In 2016, I’ll be putting time into working with my new niche (More about that in the December Wellspring Guideposts). This sale allows me to thank my loyal subscribers.

Wanting What We Don’t Have—Part II

It’s early in the morning, and even the dogs are still asleep.

Even the Dogs are Asleep

Even the Dogs are Asleep

When I wrote Part I, I didn’t know there would be a Part II.

I’m excited to put my thoughts to paper and share more with you.

Today would be a great day to go on a fabulous Alaskan cruise, chill out at a comfortable beach house, or basically spend my time doing exactly what I want.

It’s fun to spell out what we want and to set goals. What happens when people can’t have what they want?

  • Because of loss of a loved one
  • Because of a serious health issue
  • Because of financial reasons

We cope.

We cope in a variety of ways, some of which are harmful.

Dr. Lorie serving Thanksgiving meals through the Salvation Army 2014

Dr. Lorie serving Thanksgiving meals through the Salvation Army 2014

One useful way to cope is to do unto others.

  • Helping someone else—perhaps by helping in a way that is relevant to what you want
  • Volunteering your time—even when you believe you don’t have any
  • Giving what you can—no matter how minor it may seem

Wanting What We Don’t Have—Part I

It’s very late, and I can’t sleep.

Memorial Candle

Memorial Candle

I’ve spent hours today counseling others who are clinically depressed and anxious at a skilled nursing facility.

One man in his 90’s is in denial, believing he can still fly planes—and drive—and soon he expects to travel the country on his own in a new RV. He yells at his family, “Don’t tell me that I can’t!”

Another woman just wants to go home. “When can I go home?” Her home was sold many years ago.

I’m no different when it comes to wanting what I can’t have. Are you?

It hurts

  • When we can’t have what we want
  • When we can’t do the things we dream of doing
  • When we can’t be who we want to be

Yes, it hurts. And it’s exactly the hurt that we must embrace. There’s no simple way to move to the other side of pain without feeling it.


  1. What specifically do you want that you can’t have today? (e.g., a different career, relationship, lifestyle, etc.)
  2. How do you negatively cope with the hurt of not having what you want? (e.g., overeat, abuse drugs/alcohol, take your pain out on others, etc.)

I’m No Buddha!

CalmUp® photo I of path in India

What do the Buddha and I have in common?

Not much. Sometimes I yell and lose my cool. Don’t you? Somehow I just don’t picture the Buddha behaving like that. I also get frustrated when things don’t go the way I expect. I’m told, “That’s life,” as if that’s going to make the feeling go away.

So how the heck can I tout Peacebuilding?

Well, I’ve got something that the Buddha doesn’t have—the CalmUp® Journey! With the CalmUp® Journey, I can go from freak-out to peace-out in about twenty minutes. What do you do when you lose your composure? How long does it take you to return to equanimity?

Why turn to a daily resource if making a fool of oneself seldom happens?

That’s like asking, “Why bother flossing if dental problems seldom occur?” One reason I recommend turning to a daily resource is for prevention. Similar to a daily habit of dental hygiene to prevent gum disease, by turning to the CalmUp® Journey, you’ll have an asset at your fingertips to help prevent peace-of-mind-decay.

But what if I’m not seeking perfection?

Thanksgiving 2011

I’ve wanted to write a blog to capture some of my feelings of gratitude this Thanksgiving of 2011. Where do I start? How about my CalmUp® Journey question from this morning?

How can I write a meaningful “Thank You” blog?

I began to question if I’m thankful for just the “good stuff” or if I’m honestly thankful for the “yucky stuff” too. I teach acceptance of both the dark side and the light side in the Daily Ascending Tool™. Am I really thankful for the chaos I experienced during the publishing process? Am I really thankful for the challenges and the financial pressures that are part of a new business launch?

On this Thanksgiving holiday, it’s easy to be thankful for the “good stuff” related to the launching of CalmUp®. I’m thankful for the comments that people are posting on the website ( I’m thankful for the emails I’m receiving offering congratulations. I’m thankful for my connections with people. These are, of course, just three of a much larger list of reasons I have for giving thanks.

It’s About Love

Like the country music singer who writes one more drinking song, what’s wrong with one more start-up blog? Don’t kill the messenger… I’m going to give one more analogy of launching a business to having a baby (See blog post 9/3/11 entitled, “Me, Calm?! The Birthing of CalmUp®“). It’s not just about the mother any more.

You know, when a baby is born, it’s no longer about the pregnant princess. Once the baby has arrived, there’s another human being to care for, mouth to feed, body to clothe, person to love. In contrast to having a baby, with a business, the attention must go beyond the product and onto the customer. It’s about you.

I don’t share that in a flippant manner. Like a turtle’s head peaking out of its shell, this insight has been slowly showing itself. I’m thankful to become aware of this element early on in the business. This week, in particular, it seemed important for me to awaken to this understanding in order for me to move forward to launch.

When to Push, When to Surrender?

About 18 months ago, I thought it would be meaningful to launch CalmUp® on 1-11-11. When I realized I wouldn’t make my launch goal, I laughed about how there’s always 11-1-11 or even 11-11-11. I anticipated being up and running way before then. What’s that joke about God laughing when you tell him your plans?

About two weeks ago, as 11-11-11 drew near, my having been cocky was staring me in the face. It registered that I could push for this date after all. Why not? My website was close to completion, and the books were ready to go. After creating a compulsive spreadsheet that listed when everything else would need to be accomplished, the goal seemed tenuous. Even with eliminating reasonable family responsibilities, not to mention a full night’s sleep, there’s still the day job, which I fortunately enjoy.

Lorie, remember peace and joy? And how about calm! When I owned that I wasn’t going to launch on this symbolic day of unity, I called my friend, Ula, to whine a bit. (You can listen to Ula on my first interview of “Regular Folks With a Noteworthy Story”). This wise woman encouraged me to send out a “pre-announcement” on 11-11-11 in place of the planned newsletter. That I could do. As if by magic, I was able to surrender the pressure I had put on myself.

Take a Leap of Faith—Seriously?

It’s easy to want to give up when the going gets tough. If you believe that you have something important to share or say or do, and the world around you seems to be messing up your plans, maybe you need to stop. Not stop your plans; just stop what you’re doing. Take a break. Reassess.

Earlier today, I was feeling this: “Lorie, who do you think you are, going out there and sharing CalmUp® with the world?” I called my friend, Ula, for reassurance. She reminded me of the story of Job and encouraged me to take a leap of faith. I pulled out a sheet of paper and started a CalmUp® Journey.

How can I ascend the pain, the chaos, and the insanity of my experience?

No sooner had I accepted my pain than my telephone rang. My publisher discovered their mistake and resubmitted the correct material to the printer.

“Yes,” I told myself, “I’m capable of putting myself and my work out there.”

So Why CalmUp®?

How can I go out into the world and teach the CalmUp® Journey when the publishing process has turned me into anything but calm?

I’ve just completed a CalmUp® Journey launched with this “How can I…” question. In less than 30 minutes, I moved from feeling “sad, confused, stuck, foolish, and incapable” to feeling “joyful, confident, flexible, wise, and competent.” On a 1–10 scale (with 10 being the highest level of peace and joy), I moved from a “2” (it’s been an extremely challenging week) to a “10” (knowing and trusting that I’m right where I need to be).

I’ve been writing here about the conception, development, and birthing of CalmUp®. What I haven’t shared is the “why”: Why use the CalmUp® Journey? Why do I use the CalmUp® Journey?

Why use the CalmUp® Journey? Click here for a list of marvelous benefits from the services provided by CalmUp®. If you experience any other benefits, I’d love to hear about them.