CalmUp® mmm… December 17, 2012

Embody the CalmUp® Monday Morning Moment™…

If you’re seeing this before Monday morning, it might be Monday morning in Asia!

What would your day/week/life be like if you focused on your enthusiasm rather than on crossing stuff off of your to-do list?

Author: Dr. Lorie Gose

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  • Avi, Nirmal

    Guess what? Crossing stuff off of my to-do-list creates ENTHUSIASM!

    • Dr. Lorie Gose

      Yes, as your daughter, I know all about that! The secret is to experience the enthusiasm in between the crossings. I love you, Lorie

  • Avi, Nirmal

    Why does it say above, “Your comment is awaiting moderation?” I didn’t write that in my reply.

    • Dr. Lorie Gose

      That’s an automatic response that will come up for each email.

  • ula

    I like this new image: experiencing the enthusiasm between the crossing! Great! Thank you Lorie and Nirmal! What a nice gift! It is amazing how we can garnish a new look on things just by a shift in perspective. ula

    • Dr. Lorie Gose

      Ula, I love remembering that the origin of the word, enthusiasm, is “possessed by a god” and “inspired”! Thank you for inspiring me with your comment. Love, Lorie