CalmUp® mmm… August 12, 2013

If you’re seeing this before Monday morning, it might be Monday morning in Asia.

Embody the CalmUp® Monday Morning Moment™…





Do you remember the lost art of doing nothing? I don’t mean taking a nap, watching television, or even listening to music—I mean sitting and doing absolutely nothing.

CalmUp® photo of bird on the line

Encountering Monday mornings may be easier when you’ve spent at least a small part of your weekend doing nothing. If you haven’t done nothing in awhile, consider taking even a few minutes of your Monday and do nothing.


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Author: Dr. Lorie Gose

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  • Dawn Melton

    Hi Lorie, I don’t know how to do nothing. I have been busy for so long and my mind is always working. How do you do nothing?


    • Dr. Lorie Gose

      Hi Dawn, I’m so glad you wrote. I responded to a similar comment on Facebook earlier today. In short, to do nothing, just sit on the sofa for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure the television is off and that’s it. Hang out and enjoy. Repeat the next day, etc. If you’re tempted to get up and do a million different things that you “could be doing,” you may need to set a timer. Be careful, because doing nothing can be addicting!