CalmUp® Journey

CalmUp® Journey: Your Daily Ascending Tool for Better Days

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The truth is, you don’t have to change. Really. You’re good; life’s good; it’s all good. So how about better? How about a better life of better days?

Growth is a moment-to-moment, step-by-step journey. And who among us couldn’t use a little help? Enter the CalmUp® Journey, a daily ascending tool you can tailor to your life—from the smallest challenge to your greatest ambition. Ask your day’s question, then move up the page to turn a page.

Have a better day…today!

“The CalmUp® Journey is a simple, relaxing, private way to gain clarity.”
—Merri Mullennix
artist and teacher

“Dr. Lorie Gose has created a must-have tool for people interested in making positive changes in their daily life. The CalmUp® approach will definitely help users understand their own feelings, needs, and responses—and, even more important, their power to change negative thoughts and beliefs into peace and positive action.”
—Alison J. Wilson, PhD

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