Answers From A Social Network

I asked my “How can I…” question for the day:

How can I accept the present moment when I hate it?

I was feeling aggravated, and I was ready to feel better. I figured out that when the question is asked, the answer comes. Sometimes we don’t listen to the answer or sometimes the answer comes from Facebook!

Shortly after completing my CalmUp® Journey, I went on Facebook to take a look and perhaps write a post. I’m certain that it was no coincidence that I ended up on the Shamanic Oneness site shared by my friend, Ula.

It was there that I found Justin Pinkley’s quote: I choose to simply acknowledge any negative, not giving it any further energy; to deny any negativity would be to deny reality.

That was just the message I needed! I ascertained that I don’t have to like the moment in order to remain open and accepting.

After finding my own personal meaning in the quote, I shared my thoughts through my post:

Even the dark moments are part of creation. We can accept them. We can breathe through them. We just don’t need to wallow in them.


  1. What’s your “How can I…” question today?
  2. What have you found on a social networking site that uplifted you?
  3. How would you reword Justin’s quote for your own personal meaning?