75 Blessings for Your 75th Birthday

mom at 75In the same way that I shared the letter to my son last month, my mother gave permission to share her birthday letter too. I doubt that you’ll enjoy it as much as she did—my hope is that it will motivate you to express some reasons of your own.

Dear Mom,

  1. All you do comes from a place of love
  2. You continually strive to be the best possible version of yourself
  3. You do a good job setting limits
  4. You’re always there for me and others too
  5. You’re a serious survivor
  6. You’ve taught me about God for as long as I can remember
  7. You keep good books on your bookshelves
  8. You stressed the importance of education
  9. You’ve been a good role model for taking care of yourself
  10. You always showed respect to your parents
  11. You know how to choose a great partner
  12. You’re beautiful (and yes, magnificent too)
  13. You made it to 75!
  14. You never stop learning
  15. You exercise and take care of yourself
  16. You appreciate beauty
  17. You love music
  18. You love butterflies
  19. You strive for the best
  20. You’re not afraid to go after what you really want
  21. You treat all people with dignity
  22. You’re respectful of people’s different faiths and beliefs
  23. You have an amazing will to live
  24. You’re able to differentiate what’s important from what’s not
  25. You’re young at heart
  26. You’re fun to be with
  27. You’ve traveled the world
  28. You’ve always been determined
  29. You’re an amazing mom
  30. You’re a great wife
  31. You’re a terrific Savta (Hebrew for grandmother)
  32. You’re open and loving
  33. You’re always willing to forgive
  34. You love animals
  35. You’re generous
  36. You give of yourself 100%
  37. You ask for what you need
  38. You’re not afraid to try new things
  39. In other words, you’re brave and courageous
  40. You’re smart and wise
  41. You’re strong and capable
  42. You’re carefree and gentle
  43. You’re reasonable and rational
  44. You’re curious and interested
  45. You’re fun and playful
  46. You’re full of life
  47. You’re present and mindful
  48. You’re careful and capable
  49. You’re intellectual yet also silly
  50. You’re pretty technologically savvy!
  51. You’re compassionate and caring
  52. You’re genuine and straightforward
  53. You’re realistic
  54. You’re optimistic and enthusiastic
  55. You’ve always been clean and sober!
  56. You’re considerate and attentive
  57. You care for the environment
  58. You’re soulful
  59. You find the best in other people
  60. You always see a silver lining
  61. You’re accepting and able to go with the flow
  62. You’re open to new ideas
  63. You’re truthful
  64. You’re a terrific gardener
  65. You’re happy and joyful
  66. You’re learning how to not worry and stress so much
  67. You’re an amazing role model
  68. You’re perfect just the way you are
  69. Oh my gosh, you’re 75 years old!
  70. You’re a bright shining star
  71. You’re a free spirit
  72. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders
  73. You deserve to be pampered today (and every day)
  74. I hope you sit on your butt and put your feet up
  75. May you and your birthday be blessed

All my love,